Saturday, May 12, 2012

Trend Love.

      The trends this summer are fun, colourful and just plain awesome! We thought of giving you a short report on the trends we are going gaga over. Trust us you will find something you just can't wait to try.

1. Pastel

Pastels are a re-occurring trend in summer fashion so it's no great surprise that they are back in vogue again in 2012. Feminine and pristine this trend is probably one of the most suited for summer.  Peppermint green, powder pink, sunflower yellow, crisp coral and frosty blue are some of the colours rocking the catwalks. What’s not to love?

Elie Saab Spring Summer 2012

2. Neon
If there was one predominant trend saturating the Summer 2012 it had to be NEON. After all the nude tones we’ve seen in the past few seasons, a bit of color is definitely refreshing. This summer the color splash is coming in with a bang. Summer’s 2012. This trend is all about going bold and bright. So have fun with neon! :) 

# Tip: Pastels and Neons are poles apart yet they can be brought together in the color blocking trend. It can be worn in 3 variations pastel on pastel, neon on neon or pastel with neon. You can also use these colors as accents.

Nanette Lepore Spring Summer 2012

3. 1920's
 The twenties has never been forgotten, at least fashion wise. Typically the 1920's style dress sits just below the knee or above the ankle. This old school trend is rocking our summer with prints, metallic tones and pastel colours being incorporated into the trend and it is one of the sultry and sexy styles for summer.  Every year we dig those Maxi dresses out from the back of our wardrobes and feel effortlessly elegant again. Our  favourite summer items the Maxi dress or midi length dress are so fantastically versatile. You can go from a day time look to an evening outfit with ease by simply changing your footwear from sandals to wedges.

Ralph Lauren Spring Summer 2012

4. Patterns
When do patterns ever go out of fashion? The summer was filled with patterns, some of which we liked and some just didn’t catch our fancy (eg: scarf print). Are you a print person like us?

 a. Conversation starters. (Tropical prints)
  Wearing prints of food, animals or other objects are a playful way to bring print into your wardrobe this summer. Team it with vintage accessories and cat’s eye sunglasses and you are way to go!

Dolce Gabbana Spring Summer2012

b. Scarf print
        This print has already taking over high street shops. Scarf print is a fantastic, quirky and affordable trend to keep on top of. It is more commonly featured on silk or sheer fabric and looks great worn formally. However it also looks just even for a casual look. Even though we are not huge fans of this trend the plus point is that you don’t need much accessorizing since the print itself makes a statement by itself. 

Dolce Gabbana Spring Summer 2012

c. Florals. 
     Florals always scream ‘summer’, don’t they?  Go for printed fabrics or choose decorative appliqué florals, anything goes. We have so many floral print clothes in our wardrobe that we can actually divide our wardrobe into 2 sections, florals and others! :P
  So there is no stopping you taking the floral print and rocking it like you do every summer! But just always remember less is more when it comes to print.

d. Tribal prints:
    For some reason whenever we here tribal prints we think of Africa. Happens to you too no? Animal prints and tribal patterns are as eye catching as ever this year. Think big zebra prints, khaki, shirts and jackets. 

5. Oceans
   Underwater world colors and prints, coral red, mermaid dresses has enabled fashion to finally find its Atlantis. Shimmery, shiny fabrics, scalloped trims and mermaid sequins teamed with lagoony hues are giving us that underwater love. This trend is our personal favourite. :D

6. Tangy Tangerines
 You have got to accept Tangerine Tango is summer’s number one shade. And if tangerine isn’t your choice; there are plenty more orange hues to choose from. Go bold in full on orange in a jumpsuit or a flirty dress. Wear one color and look chic? How easy is that!

7. Peplum
Flirt without saying a word in this season’s peplum skirts, dresses and tops, defined by a short flared ruffle that sits at the natural waist. This added ruffle adds a perfect ladylike flair to your ensemble. Slimming your waistline and accentuating your beautiful, womanly curves at the same time. With peplum, your silhouette will be looking fit and curvaceous in seconds.
  There are two versions: fitted and flared. If you want to show off an hourglass figure, choose a fitted peplum. Flared, on the other hand, will add curves to your hips and is the perfect choice for boy-shaped bodies.

Whew! That was one long post! Let us know which of these trends are you loving this summer! :)


  1. Those Elie Saab and Dolce and Gabbanna dresses are beautiful!

  2. I love Elie Saab all the time. :P
    And a great post, summary of all the trends to watch out for!

  3. great post!
    i love pastels and 20's!
    have a lovely weekend,

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  6. My favourite? Neon, Pastels, and Tangerine!:)

    Love your new post ideas, they are pretty informative! but I'd like to see more of you two:(

    But great job anywayXOXO

    Shubhi's Revels!

    1. That is very sweet of you..we surely will have an outfit post soon. :)

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  11. I'm mint hunting right's a must have this season.

    I <3 quirk n I <3 Nanette Lepore. Her prints and colurs are lovely.

    (^_^)Good work, guys!


  12. hii :D
    Omg thanks for your nice comment :D
    Yes, its really hard to find gifts for boys, but he was sooo happy and I think we have made a great selection ;)
    I like your blog he looks amazing, and this post is great. I think I will wear a lot of pastel tones and scarf print this summer :) But I'm in love with these peplum skirts. Where I find these skirts :D They are great ;D I will follow you :D

    many hugs nicci

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  14. What a great post.Loved it every bit. :D I am so loving the pastels and neons lately <3 Florals are an all rounder and scarf prints are really taking toll now. Good Job

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  17. Ladies, ladies, ladies! You have summed up the trends very succinctly, great job! Most of my favourite things are on this list, and another, is definitely Lace. Another evergreen trend that many of us hold close to our hearts (and our wardrobes!). Would love to see you girls style some of these trends in your outfit shoots. Keep up the great work!

    Love, Miffalicious. []

    1. Your comment totally made our day! Thank you so much :)

  18. Pastel and floral always be my favorite :)

  19. i love neons,florals,tangerine...!!love prints trend the best i think.

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  20. We love pastel and neon above all, but also like patterns. And the best is wearing them all together ;D

  21. I love all of those trends :)

    I need to get something in floral

    xoxo <3 Una

    1. We have plenty of florals! Need to get more of others :P

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  24. I love the trends of this season! My favorite ones are: peplum, scarf prints and pastels

  25. Huge tips all together!
    Gonna try all of them! :)

    Love from Bindigasm

    1. Surely try them! And do post it on eyour blog for us to see! :D

  26. Absolutely great and what a helpful post!
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    My personal favorite this season in Neons and Florals!


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