Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bohemian Like You

           Firstly about the name, this happens to be one of our favorite song from the band Dandy Warhols and also the name of the blog of our favorite blogger Arushi. So no copying intended. :P
Now bout our state of mind, we've been thinking a lot lately and we were wondering if our blog actually portrays who we are, as in our real personalities. You might have gotten a different image of ours through our blog and social media pages but in reality we have various quirks. For example we are highly (HIGHLY!) anti social. We just can't mingle with normal mortals.
          On most days we prefer staring at the sky trying to have conversations with aliens than talking to our fellow human beings. And believe it or not we like it that way. But up until recent times we've been offending people which is not intentional. Hence we suffer from some unknown disease, which we would like to be treated for. If any one of you know what disease we are suffering from please let us know and treat us if you can.
        People often mistake this anti social, awkward behavior as attitude or as being a snob but if you know us well you would know we aren't that. We could be friendly too if we know you well :)

Now about the outfit- we've always felt we have a very bohemian mindset but somehow it didn't reflect in our style. This was our attempt to create boho outfits with whatever we had in our wardrobes.

Coral top, Vest- Lokandwala
Palazzo pants, Silver cuff, shoes - Bandra
Fox ring- Blur
Round ring- Flea market in Goa
Cloth bag- Colaba 
Summarizing the look- Rs.1400/-


              Hehehe! :D (Awkward pose alert!)

Floral tee- Fashion street
Khaki pant- Vile Parle Station
 Tan shoes- Bandra
Grey cardigan- Lokhandwala market
Ring- Globus
Earrings & Bracelets- Accessorize (gifted by mom)
Jhola - some mall in Delhi
Summarizing the look- Rs.1200/- (excluding gifted items)

That's it folks! Give us insights bout our unknown disease and  let us know what you think bout our outfits. :)

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Bold and Beautiful!

      Yes, we know we are 'Cheaper by the Dozen' and you wouldn't expect us to lust after collections by high fashion houses so much. But come on, who can stay away from these beauties?!?
     The Resort Collections 2013 are out! Of course we couldn't see all cause there are so many but from the few that we saw, we loved the Valentino Resort Collection 2013. As the name suggests a resort collection is for the jet setters going on cruises/ vacations/ holidays and are meant to be light and airy.

      What we loved  the most bout the Valentino collection were the colours! How can anyone ever go wrong with them?! We felt this collection was really a 'happy collection'! The pop pinks and greens, the pastels, the lace and the pretty embellishments, were all fab.
      This collection is a beautiful mix of tulle gowns, high necks, long sleeves, flared skirts, nipped waists, florals, leopard prints and more.

    Have you gone through the Resort Collection 2013 yet? Which one is your favourite? Comment below and let us know :)

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Back to College - Outfit Ideas

     College began some days back and we are just about learning how to cope with it. It is tough to be pulled out of the beautiful holiday mood where waking up before 12 pm was a joke, and being thrown back into the normal world where the day starts before sunrise. Heck, most of the days last month we wouldn't even have slept at 5 am, let alone wake up at that hour.

      Anyway, putting the cribbing aside, today we are introducing a new series 'Back to College' wherein we'll help you bounce back into college life with ease and style ;) We totally understand how difficult it is to make good sartorial choices at odd hours in the mornings when you can hardly open your eyes. So today we'll show you 4 simple looks you can keep in mind while dressing up for college. Here goes the 1st post in the series, let us know how it is :)

       Look 1
College Look
     On those rainy mornings when the weather is gloomy and so are you, let you mood be expressed through your outfit in this simple yet chic combo. A plain gray tee with bright blue jeans topped off with a pair of Converse and a cute backpack is a great college ensemble and highly comfortable too.

    Look 2 
College look 2
  We've always loved the sailor look which we didn't know had a name before. But thanks to our Blogger friend Ila Johari's recent informative post we found out it is called the Nautical trend. This trend is not only fun to try but also very trendy this season. Give it a try with the above combo as these pieces can be easily found at shopping hubs near you.

Look 3
Outfits for monsoon

Dresses are not only meant for summers but for rains too. In fact they are one of the best ways to kick away those floody rains! A pop of color like this dress is the best way to up your gloomy day. What if the weather is not treating you right, you can! We have been in absolute love with the yellow and blue combination.

Look 4
College Fashion

You don't actually have to buy a different set of clothes for the rains. Incorporating your summer crop tops and trendy tie die skirts one can easily shift from day to night. Wellington boots are one of the best investments for the rains, as they keep your feet dry and completely protected from infection. We like to put on some Vaseline and  socks as they keep our feet soft and moisturized.

Tell us which one of these outfits will you definitely try and which you will give a miss in the comments section below.

For a complete shoe guide on what to wear during the rains you can hop on to the Chic Accessorizer Blog where we've done a guest post recently.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Two to Tango

       We were fighting a battle with the horrid weather by pouting and sitting cross legged at home and absolutely refusing to step out and hence this great delay in posting. We spend most of our days leisurely lazing around, talking for long hours on the phone, having Nutella and bread and waiting for college to start. As much as you won't believe it, we are actually so excited to start studying again! :O

Now for the outfit post, we searched our wardrobes high and low and this was as close as we could come to Tangerine.

      We know it is very cliched to say we draw inspiration from everywhere but that's exactly how our style is. We mix a collection of emotions, thoughts, things we've seen and felt into our looks, even if it is in very subtle form. We've thought of sharing our inspiration pictures this time.


Inspiration picture:
 Diana found this picture when she was jumping from one website to another and this came up randomly.

Inspired outfit: 
Leaf print Maxi Dress - Lokhandwala (Gandhi market)
Purple Cardigan - Alfa
Sandals -Bandra
Glares - Accessorize 
Yellow bracelet- Accessorize (gifted)
Ring & tangerine bracelet - Forever New (gifted)
Summarizing the whole outfit in - Rs 2050/- (without gifted items)

Diana wore a maxi dress with leaf prints and a purple cardigan. She has added accents of tangerine to her outfit.


Inspiration picture:
 Rachana found this picture while searching easy pictures on the internet for her kid sister to draw.

Inspired Outfit:
Orange tie dye tunic & Sequins vest - Lokhandwala (Gandhi market)
Jeans - Can't remember!
Arm candy - Bandra
Mid heel peep-toes - Tashi
Summarizing the whole outfit in - Rs 1200/- (without jeans)

Rachana wore an orange tie dye tunic with a silver sequins vest and added a pop of tangerine through her shoes.

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