Sunday, August 19, 2012

Time for Love.

      Sunday is finally here and we can't help but heave a huge sigh of relief. Buried under piles of assignments, projects, notes and trying to effectively manage our academic, social and personal life, we are hardly left with any time to do the things we love the most. Blogging, reading, shopping - have become things we now do only a few minutes a day!
     Maybe we just suck at time management and hence the problem. Whatever it is, we managed to do an outfit shoot recently (okay, maybe a week back!). This is the 2nd time we've been inspired from random pictures we saw and incorporated it in some way into our outfits. To check the 1st 'inspired' post you can click here.


Inspiration Picture:
Now in no way are you to think that by inspired I meant  inspired by the weight of the elephant :P What caught my eye in this picture is how the colour bluish grey and brown complement each other so beautifully. This discovery was like those things which you always see, yet you never really notice.

Inspired Outfit:

Asymmetrical shirt - Fashion Street
Brown jeggings, floral wedges - Garage sale
Necklace - Westside
Bracelet - Accessorize (gifted)
Satchel - Bandra
Summarizing outfit - Rs. 1550


Inspiration Picture:

Now again do not think I want to say I am inspired to become the bull :P But this bull sure as hell knows his colours and prints well! :D And btw, how did you like Diana's new haircut? Let us know in the comments!

Inspired Outfit:

Maxi dress, Flats- Bandra
Cardigan- Alfa
Bag- Goa
Bracelets and Feather ring- Accessorize, Forever New, Garage sale.
Summarizing outfit-  Rs. 2000/-

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Have no Expectations.

       So we've been out of action for awhile now and while we could just apologize and move on, in reality we aren't apologetic at all! We've been having a hectic time with college, work and so much more and the fact that we both have completely different schedules doesn't help! But if we really have to come with a truthful answer about why we just went missing so soon in our blogging life then it has to be - EXPECTATIONS!
       The pressure of expectations is what we've been dealing with all through last month, and hell yeah we weren't enjoying it one bit! We are at the threshold where we are neither kids nor adults and as we are slowing crossing that line we feel the burden of being big gals now, of expectations that we will do something worthwhile and of the fear of not being able to live up to everyone's expectations. And even on the blog there is this constant pressure of dressing better with each outfit, of incorporating trends into each outfit and what not. But we aren't like that! We can't dress for anyone other than ourselves, sometimes we are completely on trend but then other times we are still using last season's trends. And we can't care even if we do!
     We are glad you all have supported us so much all along and we are excited for our blogging journey ahead - because now it's just us we're going to please :)

                         Now for the outfit post that we at last managed to do ;)

Dress and bag- Lokhandwala
Shoes- Bandra
Bracelets and feather ring- Colaba, Accessorize, Forever New
Summarizing outfit- Rs.1500/-


Pink top/ Tassel flats/ Satchel- Bandra
Black skinnies/ lace shrug - Lokhandwala Market
 Bird necklace - Accessorize
                                           Summarizing outfit- Rs.2000/-

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