Sunday, March 25, 2012

The caves expedition...

Hey people,
We decided today would be a lovely day to explore our city. So we rounded up on the caves close to our place. Considering how hot Mumbai has become all of a sudden (How we miss our winters!) we had to dress light. Now as cliched as it sounds we decided on using the floral print (yes we know it is overdone!) for our hot summer day expedition.

Rachana wore a big floral print tunic with crochet detailing.

Star studs and Catwalk wedges- Garage sale (Candies), Black denims- Lokhandwala, Bag and Floral tunic- Bandra.

Diana wore a small floral print maxi dress.

Bag- Goa, Shrug- Delhi, Maxi dress- Lokhandwala, Shoes- Bandra, Ring- Globus, Necklace- Colaba, Rayban glares- gifted.

Friday, March 23, 2012


Hey guys,

      On a beautiful sunny afternoon we decided to go watch 'Kahaani'. The movie was amazing, specially considering how rare good movies in Bolllywood are ;)
This is what we wore for the movie.

Diana wore maroon pants with her grey tee and sequined vest.

Grey tee- Alfa, Union Jack purse, Maroon pants, Sequined vest- Lokhandwala, Snake print shoes- Paprika 

          Rachana wore a red top with her favourite new pants.

Red top- Max, Vintage pants, studded shoes- Bandra, Watch chain- gifted

About Us

1.Who are we? 
 We are two friends, who apart from sharing liking for million other things, have a common liking for fashion also.

2.Why did we form a blog?
 Its a good medium for self expression.

3. Do we actually wear these outfits everyday?

4. Do we spend a lot on shopping?
It varies from time to time.

5.Who takes our photographs?
We do.

6.Who are our style inspiration?
Everyone and everything.

7. Why is our blog's name 'Cheaper by the Dozen'?
Because the more we buy the cheaper it gets. ;)

Disclaimer: We are not professionals and we do not claim to be one. Our Opinions are solely ours.