Monday, April 29, 2013

A mid-day in Paris.

Fashion and Paris is an age-old cliche, yet it's difficult not to fall in the love with a French woman's neat taste for all things fashion.  We were excited to be invited by Elle Fashionwear to preview their Spring Summer '13 collection. The theme of the event being Mid-day in Paris just made it all the better. 

The theme of the collection was 'Botanical' and comprised of breezy dresses, coloured denims and pretty jumpsuits. The French theme could be noticed through the strong colours and elegant silhouettes. The collection is a lovely mixture of green, red, purple and yellow. 

Even though the collection did not resonate with our personal taste in fashion we could clearly see why so many chic city women would love it!

The event itself was amazing. We got to catch up with Amena and Ritcha and finally got to meet Dayle and Shubhi :D To top it off there was macroons and champange - what more could we ask for!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The bright Yellow - CBM

When I first spotted this yellow cross body bag, I knew I had to own it. The only thing coming in the way was the fact that I had taken way over the allotted shopping time and there was a bus full of classmates waiting for me to return so we could continue with our trip. It takes about 2 minutes to buy something once you like it; but not if you are a compulsive bargainer. 

We just cannot buy something without giving a shot at bargaining for the product - even if it's already not very expensive. We've successfully dealt with the meanest looking aunties and scariest looking uncles with ease thanks to our bargaining skills. 

And after a whole 10 minutes of frenzied bargaining, while my phone was continuously beeping with calls from my classmates, I managed to get this cute cross body at the price I wanted. 

Yellow Cross Body Bag

Price: Rs. 250
Place: Chandigarh Market