Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Black / White or Both?

                   There was a time when we didn't have too many choices in everything! Where you didn't have to fret too much, you could choose one side and live happily ever after. But now a days there's a lot that one can choose from.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                We are bombarded with a million options daily and just can't make a damn decision. It could be choices in careers, boyfriends (:P), clothes or something as simple as food! Everything is confusing. There is this constant fear that if you choose one you will lose out on plenty of others, a fear of missing out on something bigger and better.

                  We both have been facing this dilemma for quite sometime now but we've decided to go ahead and just choose one thing, try our best and see if it works. If it doesn't, we can always try something new ;). It's better to work on something than to drown in a million choices and never do anything worthwhile.  

Have you'll been facing anything similar? Share it with us in the comment section.

Diana :
white chiffon top, kada, cloth bag, orange sandals- Bandra
black skirt-  Lokhandwala
rings- Forever New and Flea market

                                             (P.S The old man too wanted to be clicked! :P)

white tunic, black vest, cotton bag, tan shoes - Bandra 
black pants - Lokhandwala
Earrings - Forever New (gifted by Diana ) :D


Monday, April 9, 2012


                 Have you ever felt this sudden craving for a yummy dish and you just won't have peace till you have it? Well, we got ours today! We had this great urge to have our favourite dish from our all time favourite restaurant and we just had to go! That restaurant is like heaven on earth! Yum! Anyway, this is what we wore today.

 Rachana wore a candy pink tunic with a DIY vest.

Studded shoes, bag, bangles and heart chain- Bandra, Jeans and Pink tunic- Lokhandwala, Vest- DIY 

Diana wore a floral top with leggings and a tan bag.

Bangles, Belt, Studded satchel- Bandra,  Earrings- Colaba, Leggings- Local boutique, Snake print flats- Paprika, Floral shirt- Lokandwala 

Friday, April 6, 2012

When a trend gets too hot...



       When leather pants came into fashion our 1st reaction was WOW! Those pants could just give the ultimate chic touch to any outfit. But after we got out of our daze we realized, our lust for this lovely trend would have to wait till winter. Leather pants are 'in' this season but can we wear it in 'our' season? If you are living in a city like Mumbai it is basically impossible to wear these without sweating a bucketful. Sometime the most gorgeous, eye-catching things come into trend but just how much pains can one go through to look good? It is one thing to put efforts to look good and another to bear pain for it! And then, there is nothing like comfort to give the ultimate confidence boost.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


                 On this beautiful summer day we decided to visit a mall to spend some girl time. We rounded up on dresses as our outfits. While we were trying to catch a rickshaw we realized that our city is not as developed as it is said to be. Irrespective of the fact that Delhi is the worst when it comes to women's safety, Mumbai is not far behind. If it were so developed and so modern then why is it that a girl still cannot feel safe while travelling in public transport when she is wearing something short or revealing or in our case dresses?
                We are not asking for much, just for some 'real' freedom of expression! It is not that we want to roam naked, but showing a bit of skin is necessary considering the city we live in is so damn HOT. Come on guys we need to breathe! There is this constant fear of being groped by some man and how can we forget the death stares you will get from boys and girls alike. How then can we call Mumbai developed?

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Diana wore a LBD with a sheer top and tan wedges.

Dress- Bandra, Sheer top- Forever21, Ring- Ayesha, Wedges- Aldo

Rachana did colour blocking with a blue dress and green shrug. 

                   Dress- Garage sale,   Shrug, bangles, fish chain- Bandra,   charm bracelet- local store,  sandals- Colaba