Saturday, June 16, 2012

Back to College - Outfit Ideas

     College began some days back and we are just about learning how to cope with it. It is tough to be pulled out of the beautiful holiday mood where waking up before 12 pm was a joke, and being thrown back into the normal world where the day starts before sunrise. Heck, most of the days last month we wouldn't even have slept at 5 am, let alone wake up at that hour.

      Anyway, putting the cribbing aside, today we are introducing a new series 'Back to College' wherein we'll help you bounce back into college life with ease and style ;) We totally understand how difficult it is to make good sartorial choices at odd hours in the mornings when you can hardly open your eyes. So today we'll show you 4 simple looks you can keep in mind while dressing up for college. Here goes the 1st post in the series, let us know how it is :)

       Look 1
College Look
     On those rainy mornings when the weather is gloomy and so are you, let you mood be expressed through your outfit in this simple yet chic combo. A plain gray tee with bright blue jeans topped off with a pair of Converse and a cute backpack is a great college ensemble and highly comfortable too.

    Look 2 
College look 2
  We've always loved the sailor look which we didn't know had a name before. But thanks to our Blogger friend Ila Johari's recent informative post we found out it is called the Nautical trend. This trend is not only fun to try but also very trendy this season. Give it a try with the above combo as these pieces can be easily found at shopping hubs near you.

Look 3
Outfits for monsoon

Dresses are not only meant for summers but for rains too. In fact they are one of the best ways to kick away those floody rains! A pop of color like this dress is the best way to up your gloomy day. What if the weather is not treating you right, you can! We have been in absolute love with the yellow and blue combination.

Look 4
College Fashion

You don't actually have to buy a different set of clothes for the rains. Incorporating your summer crop tops and trendy tie die skirts one can easily shift from day to night. Wellington boots are one of the best investments for the rains, as they keep your feet dry and completely protected from infection. We like to put on some Vaseline and  socks as they keep our feet soft and moisturized.

Tell us which one of these outfits will you definitely try and which you will give a miss in the comments section below.

For a complete shoe guide on what to wear during the rains you can hop on to the Chic Accessorizer Blog where we've done a guest post recently.

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  1. I love these looks! My favs are 1 and 3!

  2. I love wearing dresses & skirts in the monsoons, if only my annoying college would NOT have a dress code!
    Love outfit#3 :)

    1. Tell me about it. Then don't even allow 3/4th :O

  3. Lovely concept. Personally, I love the blue ombre skirt. How you girls been? All set for college. I miss my college days!!!
    Happy Blogging,
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  4. I loved this post. I really liked the jodhpurs in the second image. Ah, speaking of college makes me so nostalgic!

  5. Seeing this super chic post makes me realize that i have no college to go to anymore!
    But good work-I would totally try the first two-I love Nautical:)

    Shubhi's Revels!

  6. cute ideas !! :) i love the second one.. my college jus got over.. i miss :(
    new post up

    1. Aww sad :( but you'll have many exciting things in the future. So no worries :)

  7. Loving the 1 & 2 :) Electric blue goes so well with grey, I totally have to try it :)!

    1. Yes, it is a really fun combo. Do try and show it to us too if you can :)

  8. Look 2 is mine personal favourite ..miss my college days with you gals around :)

  9. I am very happy as I own that yellow dress now :) Great post and great compilations !!

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  10. I love all of them You girls are very talented!

  11. Nostalgic ...... Anyway .... Wat the heck .... Love the 1st and the 2nd look ... Nautical my fav too ... And the 1st look oh so comfortable yet stylish

    New post up ---


  12. Can't wait to try out these new combinations! Loved the 3rd one a lot!
    College indeed can be a lot of fun if spiced up!

    Waiting for the other posts!


  13. Look 2 for me would be ideal!

  14. Love the pants in the first one and then the skirt in the last outfit!

    Thank you so much, thats super sweet of you!

    Stop by soon!

    /L from sweden

  15. Great looks! I like the first two the best.

  16. i feel like going back to college and wear all these cute pretty.

  17. loving the red pants look,,, and wow can u wear a dress to a college?

  18. i really appreciate this post and the college starts from tomorrow..ahh so long sweet 12noon day starters...

  19. following you guys via bloglovin :)

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  21. nice blog.


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