Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dress for yourself!

            On this sunny (HOT) day we decided to have a girls day out with some mall shopping, street shopping, long walks and loads of gossip added. It was one hell of a lovely day and obviously we had a lot to talk about. During lunch we somehow landed on the topic of dressing up. Not many women think that dressing up for a 'girls' day out is necessary. After all it's just girls right? No boy friends or crush to impress, no photographs for Facebook to be clicked, no acquaintances or for that matter no enemies who you need to show how hot you are! Only your besties who have seen you in your worst already, would be with you.
So why bother?

         But wait... I think we missed out on someone here... YOU! What about you? Don't you want to feel that surge of confidence when you know you are looking oh-so-sexy! Aren't you a good enough reason to dress up for?

       No, we aren't saying that you don't look good without amazing clothes or without make up. We aren't saying don't be comfortable in your own skin. But we are surely saying that you've got to love yourself enough to put yourself at par with the guy in your life, your peers or enemies! Why constrict your dressing self only for others, you too deserve your hot self!. 'You' are a good enough reason to dress up on the most mundane days. 
      So the next time you check yourself out at some random car's window you'll have this hot chick looking back at you! And trust us when we say that is one amazing feeling! :)

Are you the one who waits for an occasion to dress up or is everyday party time for you? Share it with us in the comments section.

 Flats,Dress- Bandra
Grey cardigan- Delhi 
Yellow Bag- Gift from Rachana :)
Summarizing the whole outfit excluding the bag - Rs 650/-

Coral dress, Satchel, bangles: Bandra
Colour block vest: Maya Collection
Floral wedges: Candies Garage Sale
Summarizing the whole outfit - Rs 1350/-

(Sorry for the scary looks i'm giving!) :P


  1. Love the dress Diana ! I've been searching for a maxi for me in a pretty print like this but I doubt it'll end up looking good on someone as tiny as me :D

    1. Of course you will! Surely try it! You'll get similar print ones at Colaba! :D

  2. Diana, I am absolutely loving the printed dress and Rachana that vest is amazing. :)

  3. Lovely dresses !! Perfect for summers :)

    New Post up...

  4. i like the grey cardi n yellow bag on diana n coral dress n satchel on rachana ! :)
    thnks for ur comment!
    following u now.. folow me back? :)

  5. like the bangles and the guys look perfect for summers:)

    Elegance Stylized Blog❤

  6. Lovely looks! I follow you back now.


  7. I miss shopping in Bandra :( it is simply so much fun especially when you get such good deals
    and I think one should never dress for others, instead dress for the occasion and dress to feel good...simple and effective :) :)

  8. loving the outfits <3 you guys look so beautiful <3

  9. Love those bangles with the red dress...what interesting patterns!:)

    And your looks are super-pretty, not scary at all!

    Love, Shubhi:)
    Shubhi's Revels!

  10. i really like this post! every girl should think she is worth it and dress how it makes her feel good about herself :)


  11. What pretty dresses. Esp that printed dress and the color block vest!
    You girls look fab! :)

    Love from Bindigasm

  12. Jessica- We agree. :)
    Thanks guys! :)

  13. Hello dear,
    maybe you would like to follow each other's blogs with blogger or via bloglovin? or even both?

    have a nice day!

  14. I love both outfits :))) Maybe we could follow eacothers if you like idea let me know :)

    Love Maja

  15. Thank you :) Following you <3

  16. Gorgeous dresses! Lovely blog:)

  17. very true girls..i def dress for myself..i feel more confident when i am well dressed and such.

    Diana: you have great eyes, kinda sexy. :-) i love the print on your dress.

    Rachana: you are cute as a button. i love your accessories.

    take care.

    1. We feel the same :)
      And thank you for the sweet compliments! <3

  18. Love both of the outfits! And dressing for urself is the one way to dress:-) You both look beautiful! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    BTW, New post on my blog!
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  19. I liked the mixed print dress which Diana is wearing...It’s nice to see that you gals are putting together great outfits in such amazing budgets.


  20. Loving Diana's dress and Rachana's vest. Very pretty girls. :) I like how you'll are doing budget outfits now.


  21. Hey, love these summer outfits... beautiful n BIG summer floppy hats are coming around, try and experiment with those too, they look adorable. (^_^) keep up the good work!!!

  22. Lovely two are looking so fresh and summery !!:)

    Bong's Belleza

  23. The vest looks great with that dress!

  24. I'm too lazy to get dolled up aiwayy which is why I love me on occasions because I go all out to look as fabulous as I can :) But you're right, we have to love us first if anybody else is to.

    Di, you have very very pretty hair. And Rachana's bangles are to die for :)

  25. I love yours looks!

  26. love the dresses and the footwear <3 <3 <3


  27. Really like both looks!
    You are so lucky there's sunny... we are so jealous... ;)

  28. Thanks guys! :)

    @PeeVee - We have our lazy days too! :D Being lazy is okay but if someone doesn't dress up in the fear that people will stare and peers will make unnecessary comments then they should not care and dress up for themselves! :)

    @FixerSis - Trust us the weather is not at all good! It's torturous! :(

  29. Love the print dress. Very nice colors.
    X, Ancia
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    join my Facebook Fanpage

  30. rach those bangles are pretty ....

  31. very beautiful and you two girls luk very cute ..keep it up of luck :)


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