Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lavie Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection: A Review

A month ago, we were invited to check out the Lavie Autumn/ Winter at Palledium, Lower Parel. Blogger events are always fun filled - food, drinks, blogger friends, gossip and most importantly fashion! There's something very thrilling about visiting a store and discovering some amazing characteristic of a brand which you didn't seem to notice before, or sometimes a brand might not reflect your style/fashion sense yet you walk out with that one single piece that seems like it was just made for you. Oh, the joy!

Lavie Autumn/Winter Collection

What we liked:

Plethora of Colours: 
As much as we are drawn towards the minimalism of monotones, vibrant colours are an instant mood lifter. The cherry reds, peacock greens and sunshiney yellows make you want to enter a store and check everything out.

'Fit your Life into the Bag' sizes:
Diana is always complaining about how those darling, tiny sling bags can never carry her entire life, which is how she wants it! We found the Lavie bags spacious and well compartmentalized.

For the Working Woman:
Unless you are working in the awesome fashion industry, we see a need for sober yet pretty bags that don't look widely out of place yet doesn't make you compromise on the fashion aspect. 

Ipad/Laptop cases:
We were absolutely delighted to see the chic Ipad & laptop cases! You must check them out!

What we disliked:

We felt like some bags were overpriced.

Lack of prints/textures:
If you've been following our blog regularly, you'll know just how much we adore prints/textures and would have loved to see more of those on the bags.

Rachana holding the Ipad case she loved the most.

This is what love looks like! 

Digital Footprints:

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