Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Accessories: Add Ons

Anyone who has stumbled across our blog cannot have missed noticing our fascination with accessories. Whether it is stacked up arm candy or dainty earrings, we hardly leave our homes without accessories on. So when we stumbled across Add ons shopping website, we had to take a better look.

What we liked about the collection is that we can score a great deal for a reasonable price. From pretty pearl earring to edgy studded footwear - there is something in there for everyone.

Our top picks from the collection:

Edgy Earrings:

A good pair of earring can transform the drabbest outfit into a little more fun. These infinity earrings from the collection made us want to order them on the spot - small but catchy.

Colourful Shoes:

Shoes are necessary investment pieces. But visuals need not go for a toss because of comfort. The gorgeous flats work both as eye soothers as well as will feel like a breeze.

Arm Stash:

Loading the arm with a beautifully crafted cuff or a good old charm bracelet can complete any outfit. It's what we run to when we want to and a new element to an old outfit.


We are not really hat people but that doesn't stop us from admiring people who carry them off well!

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