Monday, September 10, 2012

The Biba Experience.

         Nothing beats the grandeur of Indian outfits! So when we entered the Biba store what caught our notice was the bright yellow lights, colours playing around and glimpses of India. We both do not find many opportunities in daily life to sport much of Indian wear and hence are not frequent visitors of Biba. But when we were invited to review their new Winter/Fall collection, we thought we'd give it a shot. And we were not disappointed at all.

What we loved:
The amazing use of warm colours to keep the collection lively.
The anarkalis are plain wow.
Well informed staff.
Variety in prints.
Great range of sizes available.
Affordable prices. Most of the outfits worn below were below Rs. 2500/-

What we thought could be better:
More variety in the cuts and patterns of clothes.

These are some of our favourite pieces from the collection that we tried.


This ethinc wear is splendid! Love the border.

The detailing behind this out is breathtaking. Btw its a vest that comes with the outfit.

This is could easily be worn as a maxi dress as well as an anarkali. It's comfortable and trendy.

This kurti is a versatile outfit can be worn in a variety of ways.

Simple yet effortless is what we would like to describe this.

   This outfit has intricate detailing. Which is totally not over the top.

 This outfit is simple yet gorgeous. It fits like a glove!

                                 This outfit we would be wear for college. Love the print and colors!

If you are like us who do not like a lot of bling in their ethinic wear this suit is perfect.

What do you think of the outfits? Let us know in the comments below.
You can visit the official Biba website here or check out their Facebook page here.


  1. all r beautiful, biba has a name in every household. women love bibas dresses.

  2. Gorgeous you girls - love the yellow tunic !

  3. Ooohh Both of you look gorgeous. I must say that I loved the ethnic wear on you'll. :)
    Very elegant.


  4. nice suits.

  5. Great post! Love the pictures :)


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